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Accomplished Simi Valley Lawyer Takes On Insurance Claims Fraud

Skillful California attorney helps carriers recover wrongfully obtained funds

Claims fraud presents a serious challenge to all types of insurance carriers. Whether your company offers property and casualty insurance, health coverage, liability policies or any other type of insurance, defeating false claimants is essential to your operation’s success. At Law Offices of Vernon C. Tucker in Simi Valley, I help carriers root out individuals and companies who use deception to obtain unwarranted benefits. I have a thorough understanding of California laws and can develop a detailed strategy to help resolve your particular problem.

Experienced firm litigates against all types of deceptive claimants

As a trusted California advocate for insurance companies, I provide the legal and practical counsel companies need to make wise decisions about fraudulent claim cases. My firm represents clients in a full range of these matters, arising from policies such as:

  • Auto insurance. If you suspect that a vehicle theft or accident claim is not authentic, my firm can investigate the situation to determine if the policyholder or body shop is attempting to cheat your company.
  • Property and casualty claims. Claims for suspicious fires and other incidents are frequently submitted to carriers, driving up their costs and the premiums for honest insureds. I use my resources to disprove false statements and overcome bad-faith allegations.
  • Medical coverage. The complex nature of health insurance entices many dishonest individuals and medical providers to cheat the system. As a knowledgeable litigator, I can spot problems that other attorneys miss.
  • Life insurance. Faking a death or offering misleading information about a person’s condition can lead to heavy exposure. In these high-value situations, I offer clients comprehensive support during the review stage and at trial, if necessary.
  • General liability policies. Alleged falls and other incidents that trigger claims against commercial policyholders require detailed research and analysis. I have the resources to unearth the truth.

No matter what your particular case entails, my firm will deliver effective counsel in a professional manner.

Contact a diligent California attorney to help hold fraudulent insurance claimants accountable

For information on litigating against an individual or business who is submitting fraudulent claims to your insurance company, call Law Offices of Vernon C. Tucker at 818-699-0333 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Simi Valley, Simi Valley office.